H Series

H Series

Our reducer designed for hard service conditions has high resistance with this body, roller and jags. Horizontal transmission has different options as hollow shaft, extruder type, shaft fitted and multi-side montage.

Furthermore cooler mechanism can be provided. It's key feature is having serial and parallel exis in horizontal position.

Can be produced with speed range of 0,1 and 700 rpm/min. Engine power is up to 300KW.

All of gears for our products are  passed from high technology stoning phase and heat process. Gear performance and durability increases, service life is prolenged and speed reducers can work silent in that way.

Specifications and Advantages

• Monoblock housing design,

• Mounting from any side,

• Six different mounting positions from M1 to M6,

• Standard IEC B5 motor flanges,

• Cooling and lubrication accessories for specific working conditions,

• Complete solutions including eldro brake, hydrolic coupling and electric motor on steel base frame,

• Backstop and elecromagnetic brake solutions,

• Output shaft options including shrink disk and splines according to DIN5480,

• Output flange options,

• Extruder type interchangeable output option from left and right for extruder

Options and Accessories

• IEC B5 Motor flanges

• Output flanges,

• Shrink Disk,

• Backstop,

• Hydrolic and elastic couplings,

• Cooling options including external heat exchanger, internal cooling coil, integrated fan, external air/oil cooler,

• Forced lubrication options,

• Oil heater, oil flow sensor, oil filter, glass oil level indicator and special sealings,

• Expansion tank,

• Magnetic brake,

• All type of colours as requested.