E Series


The reductors bodies between the types ESV-25 and ESV-90 are made of aluminium injection casting and the types between ESV-110 & ESV-150 are made of Gg22 cast iron. There is a montage capability in all directions thanks to cubic type of gears. The endless screw is made from the honned and cementaded stell and treated with photoelectric.

The yellow gear was made from GcuSn12 bronze material. Senthetic oil was used for the reductors between ESV-25 and ESV-90, but mineral oil was used for the reductors between ESV-110 and ESV-150. Body of between ESV-025 and ESV-90 gearboxes is made from aluminium material, body of between ESV-110 and ESV-150 gearboxes is made from cast iron (GG20-22)

These is always possibilities of changing input ( PAM B14 ) and output flanges on the reductors.

Gears ratios are i: 5-7,5-10-15-20-25-30-40-50-60-80-100

All of gears for our products are passed from high technology stoning phase and heat process. Gear performance and durability increases, service life is prolenged and speed reducers can work silent in that way..

Specifications and Advantages

• Monoblock housing design,

• Wide ratio, torque range and two or three stages can be in same housing

• Reduction can be increased up to six stages,

• Standard IEC B5 or B14 motor flanges,

• Electromagnetic brake option,

• Long life bearings,

• GG20 and GGG40 cast iron housings,

• 58-62 HRc hardened and grinded gears.

Options and Accessories

• Output flange and output shaft options,

• Servomotor specific connection flanges,

• Electromagnetic brake motors (24V/220V/380V),

• Backstop application,

• 500-1024 pulse encoder applications,

• External fan cooling option for frequency inverter applications